FaRICH1 System

The same as a full DiRICH-System, only in 1/10 of the volume and optimized for SiPM arrays. So, 384 channels on an area of 5.5cm x 8cm.


DiRICH5s1 (DiRICH5 standalone)

The DiRICH5s1 is just like the DiRICH3-5, but it its own optical transceiver and the power connector (with trigger and clock) on board, therefore it is standalone and doesn't need a backplane.


Trb3sc based CTS

There are two new setups for the central trigger system available, both based on a Trb3sc:

  • a stand-alone version with 20 TDC channels that allows a fully independent read-out system for one Padiwa board. A 32 channel version might be available on request. One SFP allows to connect further front-end boards.

  • a CTS to connect up to 8 front-ends boards. This requires a SFP-AddOn-v2 and an adapter board with 9 RJ connectors (shown in the photo). The front-ends can be connected directly with an optical fiber and one RJ-45 cable - no additional fan-out for the reference time is needed. It allows provides two inputs on each RJ connector to feed back trigger signals from the front-ends to the CTS.


A 16 channel 1:4 fan-out board, compatible to our usual 40-pin signal cables. The input is either on a 40-pin connector or on pin-header. Outputs are in parallel on two 40-pin connectors and 2 pin-headers.


The latest family member of our TRB group: Trb5sc featuring a single ECP5 FPGA for up to 32 high-resolution TDC channels or 64 general purpose LVDS I/O. The form factor is new, including an "inline" AddOn board (here: a new "4conn" AddOn). Together with the AddOn the form factor is the same as a TRB3sc without AddOn and the boards fit into the same crates.